People who exercise regularly know that their equipment must be cleaned in a different way than ordinary clothes, due to the fact that it is made of a special fabric that actually retains the sweat and bad odors as well. If you don’t know how to do that, then here is the proper way to clean workout clothes.

How to clean very well your workout clothes

First of all, you need to leave your clothes to soften in some warm water where you have added some detergent. Leave them there for about 1 hour. Keep in mind that the water needs to be warm, and not hot. If it is too hot, then your equipment might shrink and the fabric could be destroyed. Therefore, make sure you take into account this important detail. Once the hour has passed, you need to put your workout clothes on the washing machine as well. It is highly recommended to go for a short cycle and also choose one for delicate fabrics. Do not forget to add some fabric conditioner as well. There are people who add too much fabric detergent or conditioner in order to get rid of the bad odors, but this is definitely a huge mistake, due to the fact that the clothes will actually smell even worse.
After you have washed your clothes, you need to hang them on a clothing line, outdoors, in order to get dry naturally, and therefore, have a fresh smell. In case you cannot do this due to various reasons, then you could use a dryer as well, but only if you have a quality machine that will be gentle with any type of fabrics. Otherwise, it is certainly not a very good idea, as there is the possibility to damage the fabric.
Some of the workout clothes need to be ironed, and you can easily do this with a garment steamer. Do not use a regular iron, because there are lots of chances to burn the fabric. Use a garment steamer instead, which is actually a wonderful device that gives amazing results, and it is also very easy to use. Garment steamers can also be used for freshening up any type of clothing, and not only. By knowing what is the proper way to clean workout clothes, you will actually get rid of the sweat and bad odors, without damaging the fabric.