When you think about the game of basketball, there are two images which immediately pop into your head – one where you are inside the gym at high school, and one where you are on the court in a park nearby. However, limitations are not as high as you might think when it comes to practicing this sport. As crazy as it may sound, basketball is one of the sports you can take up at home easily, practicing elements of the game so that you will be exponentially better when you do play it against others. For the drill practice session to go better than you could ever dream of, you can install an indoor basketball hoop in your garage or on the side of your house, thus actually practicing with the hoop instead of only imagining it is there. Nonetheless, this is a minor detail as when it comes to dribbling, you can train without the final step of the execution. Learn how to polish these skills at home all by yourself here.

Quick tips for dribbling improvement

  • Go hard: What you must understand is that the ball needs to spend as much time as possible in your hand for you to get the hang of this sport. Thus, you should dribble hard for it to return quickly in your hand.
  • Lengthen your dribble: You have to work on the length of your dribble, doing your best to get the most out of a single tactic.
  • Move in straight lines: Angles are very important in basketball, and we recommend you always try to move in a straight line to cover ground in a smart manner and reach the hoop before adversaries. Practicing this aspect at home will show prevalent results when you will get to play with others on the court.
  • Think a little: A big part of at home practice is played by your imagination. You have to think about when and how you will use the dribbles you are practicing so that when you actually use them, you are better prepared for the occasion.
  • Look up: You have to get accustomed to looking up if you actually want to see improvement in your game. Thus, we recommend that you look at the rim when practicing, or at a spot on the wall.
  • Push yourself: Your comfort zone might be your favorite spot, but you won’t advance if you don’t get out of it. This means that you should push yourself and practice outside of this comfort zone. Try out new tricks and dribbles, and always add diversity to your routines, using your imagination to see how you could up yourself even more.

Drills that can be practiced at home

While the sky is indeed the limit to what drills you can actually take up at home, only some of them weigh a huge importance in the quality of your game, and in the following, we will explain how you can perform these drills:

  • Slap the ball from hand to hand. It is a simple drill, but one that you have to master in order to get better at this game. Furthermore, practicing it gets your hands ready for more complicated moves and dribbles.
  • Keep your elbows locked and tap the ball quickly back and forth straight out in front of you. After a few dribbles, move the ball up and down to challenge yourself a tad.
  • Try out the wrap around – either around the ankles, head, or waist. All you have to do is wrap the ball around that specific area of your body without letting it touch the ground.
  • Cross the ball in behind your body in a wide motion continuously and do not let it touch the floor. This is the crossover, a skill you should master if you plan on impressing fellow teammates next time you play outside of your house.
  • After you somewhat master all the dribbles we listed and any other drills you have thought of, try freestyling. What freestyling requires is you to use all of the moves in your arsenal, combining as many of them as you can, all without leaving the position you are in.