In case you’ve decided to strengthen your glutes, then you have to know that not all exercises will help you do that in a fast and effective way. The best method to work out your glutes is to find some exercises that will make you spare tons of time exercising at the gym and instead will help you achieve your goals without too many efforts. This is why in order to tone and strengthen your glutes you need to know more about the best exercises that will help you firm up your bottom.


The squats are strength training movements that not only will work your glutes, but they will also target your thighs and legs. In order to do a squat properly, you have to check the position of the feet and to keep your hips flexible. Therefore, for working the glutes you have to keep your feet farther apart and your spine upright. The hands have to drop freely on the sides or you can place them behind the head if you like. Now you are ready to start your squat, so move down slowly by bending your knees and keeping the back straight all the time. While bending, try to keep your balance and make sure that you hold the position for a couple of seconds before you go up again. If you want to add more resistance, you can use dumbbells or a bar while performing the squats.

Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are very easy to do and they are very much like the regular lunges. Therefore, in order to perform walking lunges you have to take a dumbbell in each hand and lunge forward with one foot while slowly bending down at your knees. Then you go forward with another lunge instead of going backwards. Doing at least 3 sets of 15 lunges for one foot will help you a lot in getting the results you’ve wanted. For more resistance, you can do walking lunges to an uphill.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are also great for firm glutes and they can be performed standing on the floor or on the risers with a bar placed in front. Then, without bending at the knees too much, you bend at the waist and grab the bar and pull it. Nevertheless, you should try your best on using the muscles in the back of the legs and bottom. By doing this, you can really firm your glutes and other important muscles.