Nowadays, both women and men have learned that health and beauty are the same things. Moreover, we all want toned legs, a toned but and perfect abs. As such, when it comes to women, having toned abs is a big problem, because it’s quite difficult to get it and every woman want to wear a dress without feeling embarrassed by weight. Furthermore, in order to inspire you, we offer you some of the best core workouts for perfect abs.

Abdominal hold

This is the type of exercise which looks so strange and you hope that nobody will catch you doing it. You just have to sit on a wooden chair and put your hands on the edge of the chairs. Lift your butt off the chair and hold this position for 1 minute. Lower yourself down and repeat the movement.

The side crunch

This exercise tests your balance and works very well your hips and your abs. If you are thinking about performing this exercise you should stay on your knees, then lean on your right hand by placing it on the floor. Put your left hand behind your head and guide the elbow toward the ceiling. Slightly, you can lift the leg up and extend the left arm horizontally above the leg. Return to starting position and repeat these moves 6-8 times. Do two sets and switch sides .

The hundred

”The hundred” is a type of exercises which will help you have great abs. Moreover, most people are doing this exercise because is efficient and easy to do. You just have to lie on your back with your knees slightly lifted and your hands at your sides. Breathe and raise your head and shoulders off the floor. Move your hands up at 15 cm from the floor. Then you should start to inhale for 5 pumps and after exhale for 5 pumps. Make sure, you curl your chin in toward your chest. It’s recommended to do 100 pumps and 10 full breaths. Moreover, you must try to keep your abs pulled in toward your spine and your back pressed to the floor. This way you will keep you abs engaged throughout the core workout.