Whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, you probably have a golf gear bag where you have the most important accessories; everything that comes in handy during a round of golf. There is a full list of accessories that a golfer should have in its bag, but this article will present you 5 of the most important items to have with you on a course.

Clubs to carry in your golf bag

If you are new in this industry, you have probably wondered what are the most important golf clubs to carry in your bag. First of all, you should begin with a hybrid club. Every player should have at least one of these clubs in its bag. The hybrid models are a combination of fairy woods and iron. They come with a small head and a shaft length that is similar to that of iron clubs. They are very easy to use, which means that for you as a beginner this is the best option out there. It is not heavy, so you can maneuver with ease. In what regards the iron clubs, one of these is more than enough.

However, if you are a beginner, you won’t need it as they are heavier than the hybrid models and more difficult to use. Opt for wood clubs instead of iron clubs. Golfers use them for long fairway shots, so if you want to practice more and become better at golf, you should have one of these in your golf bag. Also, you shouldn’t forget about a putter. It is the most important item of all those golf accessories. It is much easier to use even than the hybrid model. Finding the right putter is not very easy as there are many models on the market, but pat attention at its length and weight and you will surely find the right one for you.

Find the right golf balls

There are plenty of golf balls on the market, so it is a bit complicated to find exactly what you need. More than that, the selection becomes even more complicated when various brands have different views on what is important for golf players. However, in order to choose the best for you, keep in mind several things. There are five types of golf ball construction available on the market. Since each type is specifically designed for a particular style of play, it is very important to find which one is yours.

After that, as mentioned above there are five types of balls to choose from. The one-piece ball is a solid model made of Surlyn. It is quite affordable, but it is important to know that you cannot throw them as far as the other ones because of their lower compression. The two-piece model is as durable as the one-piece model, but it provides more distance. The three-piece ball has a solid construction and its design allows the players to control it better on the courses. The four-piece ball is a mix between the two-piece and three-piece model. It travels very far and gives every player a soft feel. The last model is the five-piece one. It is a hybrid with five layers that delivers excellent performance.

Advantages of using a gold rangefinder

If you are a professional golfer, you have probably used at least once in your lifetime a golf rangefinder. The golf rangefinder is a useful golf gadget that helps you improve your game. Most people use it as it provides various benefits. For example, with a rangefinder, you can measure the distance to objects on the course. The most advanced gadgets can provide accurate results and even send you notifications on your smartphone. Also, some models are capable of tracking your small improvements, helping you become a better player.

Why use a swing analyzer?

A swing analyzer is another interesting device that helps you have a better game. This smart device can improve your game faster than you may think. Because of this, most players use it. The newest models use an advanced technology and are equipped with a plethora of impressive features. They are able to record various things, such as tempo, speed or face angle in order to help you improve your game. To provide great results, it should be attached on the club’s but or on your golf glove. However, to achieve great results, you must find a device that is compatible with your smartphone. There are several apps that will help you receive notifications regarding the improvements to your game.

What about a pair of golf rain gloves?

Make sure you have in your bag a pair of rain gloves. You might not wear them in normal conditions or when it is extremely hot outside, but being in possession of a pair of rain gloves is important. They are meant to be used for rainy days. Think about leaving them at home when the weather turns wet. You must ensure that your grip doesn’t slip on the club and you will start worrying about your game.